Website Speed Optimisation

Website speed optimisation

Speed up your website to add value to your visitors time and boost conversions

Our team of internet professionals offer optimised digital performance strategy to boost website Page speed and total user experience. We improve visibility of performance issues and bottlenecks with upgraded tools and monitoring strategy. Our web perf expert will diagnose and resolve your issues with desktop, mobile and application performance.

Starts at just ₹5,000/

We pursue these visions to optimise the web performance of your site:

  • CSS and JS concatenation
    Concatenating and minifying JS/CSS files reduces the total number of requests.Thus increases the website speed.  
  • Image loading strategy  
    Visible images gets loaded sooner than the remaining images that too gets loaded synchronously as the visitor scrolls down. This technique is specially useful for long webpages.
  • URL Versioning
    Each static resource is added with a version number that makes the most of browser cache. Purging the cache is also made much easier by URL versioning.
  • Image Inlining
    To improve the offload time on the mobile device we incorporate small images directly into the HTML code. This also results in fewer requests that improves the download time on first visit.
  • Caching Optimised Resources
    All the optimised resources of your website are cached to ensure that cache related HTTP headers are optimised for CDN caching and browser. Object caching is implied as well. 
    We keep CSS files as high as possible as these files are critical to render HTML page.
  • Minification
    To make the website lighter and faster we remove unwanted characters from JavaScript resources, HTML and CSS.
  • GZIP
    To minimal the weight of the site all text resources (HTML, CSS, JS) are compressed in GZIP.
  • Image Optimisation
    To make the website lighter JPEG and PNG images are optimized. We use the best compression libraries to maintains the quality of image. Slash file sizes by up to 70%
  • Progressive JPG
    JPG images are transformed in progressive JPG according to their sizes. Large images are displayed quickly first in low resolution lately in precise detail.
  • Delaying JavaScript
    JavaScript files gets loaded only after the pages has finished rendering and the visible images are loaded. This is most useful if your webpages are lengthy.
  • Improvised Cache
    The dynamic parts of your web page are loaded synchronously after the static part making the cache much more smarter.

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