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An end-to-end backup solution for your data aligned with right technology provides secured data management, no risk of information loss and simplified business continuity.

Automatic backups

With automated regular backup solution you can be at ease knowing that your data is always safe, secure and can easily be restored.

Hassle-free setup

Our cloud based backup solution is astonishingly easy to set up. The backup process starts as soon as the website is connected to the server.It tracks and stores all your data on daily basis.


How it Works


Connecting website to server

Our experts will connect your website to the cloud server and automatically the back up will start. This insures your online data against all risks of crashes.


Regular backup Plan

Regularly scheduled backups, a restore plan, and even website monitoring saves your contents and you never loose your information again.


Restoring Previous Version

Our experts will restore the database and website files to any previous backup version.


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